Preorder Progress


After finally rolling out our new evrpur® collection in August of 2019 we had the most successful quarter in our company history (we launched in Jan 2017) by selling over 4000 sets of the new scrubs in just 3 months and have over 50 perfect ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ reviews on Facebook! The stretchy antimicrobial interlock knit and additional pockets were a great add on. The only complaint was that we needed more colors options! So we went through the thousands of requests and gray and royal blue were our winners. Our proprietary evrpur2.0 is costly to make due to the silver threads we blend in it so we're still a bit limited on getting too crazy with a ton of color options (inventory struggle is real for our little veteran owned startup) but your preorders help us in more ways than you know to grow by helping us pay for the enormous upfront manufacturing costs and also secure your place to be the first to get the new colors. Plus, we're always making tweaks and improvements to every production so you'll discover some extra bonuses to these new versions. 

If there's one thing we've learned over the 3 years of being in business is that transparency and communication to our preorder customers is paramount to customer satisfaction - which is why we've created this timeline for you to show the progress of your preordered/backordered FITScrubs®. We will be updating it every Friday of the week to give you a visual on their completion. Thank you so much for your support and helping our little start up do big things in this out dated scrub industry!

With gratitude,

Arthur W. Lucero - Founder/CEO


Update 02/20/2020: First off, thank you all so much for your patience! That being said, there have been some unexpected delays with the Royal Blue and Gray preorders. The Royal Blue and Gray thread we use to sew the garments with has been on backorder and we haven't been able to move forward with production for these. We source the custom dyed thread overseas and because of the Coronavirus outbreak, production for the thread from our overseas vendor has been delayed which in turn has delayed our production here in the States. We do have Navy and Black thread available so the backordered Navy and Black scrubs will be finished in the next 10-14 days and sent out. The new expected delivery date for the royal blue and gray scrubs is 3-4 weeks from now. A personal email will be sent to all those awaiting these scrubs explaining the situation. Again, thank you so much! 

UPDATE 03/19/2020: Well, that escalated quickly (the 02/20 update). The good news is that we are still producing our antimicrobial scrubs, however, our scheduled completion times have been impacted due to some unexpected absenteeism from our workforce to take care of their families. That being said, the backordered navy and black scrubs will be arriving next week (03/26) to finally ship out. The royal blue and Gray scrubs will be arriving the week of 04/06 and sent out as soon as we receive them. I know many of you have been waiting since Jan 6th and I deeply appreciate your patience as we work through these obstacles. We want nothing more than to get you outfitted with our antimicrobial scrubs as you selflessly grind away on the front lines of this COVID-19 pandemic. We are also including a free antimicrobial Purflex underscrub shirt with your order to give you the best resources possible out there to do what you do, so that others may live. Stay healthy out there. 

With gratitude,

Arthur Lucero, Founder/CEO 


Fabric Making

Our proprietary antimicrobial performance fabric takes a little extra time to make because of our unique blending process. Our silver embedded thread is spun through a custom process that takes specialized machines to ensure top quality. We only want the best for our customers, and we ensure that every yard of fabric is up to our own performance standards.

Cut & Sew

The cutting stage is when the patterns of your scrubs are being cut and prepped to sew. The sewing stage is when your uniforms are then put in the hands of highly skilled sewers and they begin the detailed construction of our High Performance Antimicrobial Uniforms. Your scrubs will be ready in no time! Check out the video of our first production that was started by preorder customers like you! 


At this stage we are finalizing the production process with logos and nametags. When the timeline reaches this stage, get ready to celebrate the navy blue scrub's arrival!